Did you father ever tell you that spending hours in front of your electronic device would kill your brain and turn you into a zombie? No? Lucky you!

Anyway, to prove that the Web is “an avenue for learning”, we have put together a list of synonyms for “father”. Use one on your Father’s Day card and enjoy the beaming/flummoxed/offended expression on your dad’s face!

1 ancestor 5 forebearer 9 papa 13 procreator
2 begetter 6 origin 10 parent 14 progenitor
3 dad 7 pa 11 pop 15 sire
4 daddy 8 padre 12 predecessor 16 source

Flaunt your expanded vocabulary by writing (unintelligible?) letters to your padre this Father’s Day. If you do it right, you could impress him like never before. And if you manage to frustrate him? Well, wear buttock padding is all we can say.


Father's Day


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