Your website is your first rendezvous with the client, and it’s all you have to make a gleaming impression. In simpler times, merely owning a website put you ahead of the curve. But the competition has gotten thicker since, and companies are losing sleep over how to keep visitors coming, staying, and subscribing. We’re here to ring the alarm bells, so you sit up and take notice of your ailing website.


1st Alarm: Your SEO rankings are low

“The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google’s search hits” – we haven’t been able to find the wise sage who said this, but it works to enlighten us anyway. If your search rankings are low, it’s time to update your content.

There used to be a time when content just needed to be laced with as many keywords as possible to get those rankings up. But Google’s updates have ensured that only  websites with original, high-quality content get places of honor. This is also a reason why websites with blogs are rocking the rankings.


2nd Alarm: Your content smells stale

One whiff of outdated content and your visitors are going to be fleeing to the next tab on their browsers. Outdated or incorrect information is a strict no-no, and it leads you straight to that forsaken Zero Reliability Zone, where websites go to die. Visitors losing confidence in your brand has seriously damaging long-term effects. So weed out all the old and serve up something piping hot and fresh. Fresh content gives the impression that you’re alive, active, and thriving.


3rd Alarm: Your content is irrelevant

Raju the salesman loves talking about how good he is at cricket, how he won a pani-puri eating competition, and how he came first in class. He forgets to pay attention to his customers. His customers slam the door in his face. Don’t be like Raju.

An introduction that lets your clients know they’re in safe hands is important, but make sure they don’t leave empty-handed. Focus on your visitors and their pain points, and offer solutions to their challenges.

Also, keep in mind that constantly changing demands bring new questions that you must be prepared to answer, and quickly. Because if you don’t, someone else will.


4th Alarm: Your content can’t handle the cascade of clutter

You’re getting hits, but your customers aren’t sticking around. Your Web analytics are reporting high bounce rates and low time spent on your website. And no matter how frequently you post, the results don’t seem to change.

Stop. Breathe. Maybe the problem is not quantity but quality.

Use high-quality content to drive traffic on your website. Content that is relevant and useful to the reader is far more likely to be engaging and shareable. Also, stay updated with the latest news in your industry, and show your readers how it impacts them.  This will get your brand noticed, remembered, and respected.


Have you been ignoring these 4 warning signs? If so, it’s time to take action!


Superscribe is here to help. Our team of content creators will deliver fresh, SEO-friendly, relevant, and engaging content following current best practices. Contact us today to breathe fresh life into your website content.


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