The monsoon has finally hit India. Those who are not huddling under their umbrellas or wading in knee-deep water are seen worriedly rolling up their car windows or scurrying back home for shelter. While you wait for the most recent downpour to subside, use these 5 rainy words to impress your friends on selfie captions and WhatsApp messages.


Rainy Word Meaning Usage


A waterfall descending over a steep surface Sheets of water cascaded down the awning of the cafe, drenching the miserable passersby who sought shelter beneath it.


A sudden and very heavy downpour The second I stepped outside the salon, eager to flaunt my expensive new hairdo, a cloudburst played party pooper.


A great flood of water; also, an overwhelming rush or number There is a deluge of drenched customers haggling for umbrellas outside my store.


A sudden, almost overwhelming, outpouring The schoolchildren squealed in delight at the sight of the watery spate. They prayed fervently, “Please God, no school today!”


A barrage of many things at once in quick succession The sudden volley of raindrops had the rickety old man tottering for cover.

Bonus tip: Did you know that rain is also called liquid sunshine, drencher and window washer?

(Image courtesy: Bitstrips)

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