As the mercury rises and you find yourself spending more time indoors, impress your friends with your enhanced vocabulary. Talk about the summer solstice with confidence and use the remaining words to describe the hot day!


Hot Word Meaning Usage

Summer Solstice

The longest day of the year. This year’s summer solstice will fall on Jun 21, heralding the beginning of the season in the Northern Hemisphere.


Oppressively hot. I awoke to a bright, sultry morning.
Also used to describe something so hot as to arouse passion. Looking into Aima’s sultry eyes almost made my heart stop beating.


Suffering oppressive heat. I felt faint as I walked along the winding road in the sweltering heat.


Oppressively hot or stuffy. I find it hard to breathe in the stifling atmosphere of a room with its air conditioner turned off.


Making dry or withered. The searing heat makes my skin beg for moisturiser, or sunscreen, at the least.


Or you could use all of the words together, like Superscribe does on a particularly hot day.




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