A key step in the process of content marketing is content creation. Website content, blog posts, infographics, videos—all play a vital role in helping your brand boost profitability and loyalty through content.

Considering the buzz around content marketing, SEO, ad, and social media agencies alike have hastily donned the mantle of content creators to partake of their share in the pie. All of them claim to be equipped with skilled writers and designers to create content for their varied clients. Little surprise then that brands are finding it increasingly difficult to identify the right content agency to support their digital marketing strategy.

So, how do you make the right choice?

Here’s a list of 6 questions you should ask before you sign on the dotted line.


1. Does it serve your purpose?

What does your brand hope to achieve through content marketing? Is your objective to increase traffic, build brand awareness, or create conversions and leads?

Once you have identified your purpose, check if the content agency can serve it. For example, if search rankings is your concern, select an agency that has experience creating content that meets current SEO best practices.


2. Does it offer proof of performance?

While selecting a content agency for your business, it is important to check if it has dealt with clients like yourself. Has it provided content solutions to those facing challenges similar to yours? If the answer is yes, it is likely to be well-equipped to handle your requirement efficiently.


3. Does it possess subject matter expertise?

Your decision to pick an agency should hinge on the answer to this question. Your chosen agency must demonstrate the ability to create content for your particular industry. Generic writers are available a dime a dozen, but subject matter experts are in a different league.

At Superscribe, we pride ourselves on our team of such domain specialists. They create or supervise content for industries like banking, insurance, capital markets, technology, real estate, and others that require subject matter expertise. The Superscribe team comprises financial consultants, brand experts,  engineers, journalists, advertising professionals, medical practitioners, insurance specialists, and more.

Remember: insufficient knowledge of your industry will result in uninformed content that will come across as amateur to your target audience.


4. Does it deliver quickly?

With quality taken care of, it is time to press upon timelines. Your chosen agency must have a streamlined writing and editing process in place to deliver quality content on time. If your agency is able to meet deadlines consistently, you have a winner.


5. Will it minimize the time you spend on content?

Agencies without subject matter expertise or proper content delivery systems will require you to spend an unreasonable amount of time behind content. They will need your involvement at every step of the approval process in addition to regular follow-ups.

Choose an agency that respects that your main job is not content! Your content agency should be capable of taking detailed briefs and creating content that matches the requirement. The content should be delivered on time, enabling you to go ahead with the distribution as scheduled and achieve your end goals.

Your content agency should act as a stakeholder, not a vendor. It should take over the content aspect of your business, leaving you free to focus on your core competencies.


6. Will it keep you in the loop at all times?

A content agency that can seamlessly integrate with your company earns itself instant brownie points. It must effectively fuse with your system and feel like a handy third arm that has always been there. It must also provide regular updates on the status of a project, roadblocks (if any), and organized reports of all interactions and submissions.


A note of caution: Picking an unsuitable agency to create your content can be disastrous for your brand. Poor quality of content will get you noticed for all the wrong reasons. This could lead to long-term repercussions that will prove detrimental to your company’s image and reputation.

Use the above checklist to select a content agency that propels you to content marketing success.

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