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7 Delightful Words to Celebrate Ice Cream Day this Sunday!

US President Ronald Reagan declared Ice Cream Day on July 15th, 1984. It was to be  celebrated in that year alone, but the ice-cream industry kept the tradition going. This unofficial holiday is now observed on the third Sunday of

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5 Words to Save for a Rainy Day

The monsoon has finally hit India. Those who are not huddling under their umbrellas or wading in knee-deep water are seen worriedly rolling up their car windows or scurrying back home for shelter. While you wait for the most recent
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16 Words to Address Your Father on Father’s Day

Did you father ever tell you that spending hours in front of your electronic device would kill your brain and turn you into a zombie? No? Lucky you! Anyway, to prove that the Web is “an avenue for learning”, we have put

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