You know how you sometimes want to curse the ears off someone? Surely, you must have experienced those moments of truth when you want to insult, offend, swear – but keep it suitable for children so they don’t compel their mommies to scrub your tongue with soap.




Here’s a perfectly handy list of words to help you in those moments of outburst. Make a sentence using one word from each of the three columns in order, prefaced with “Thou”. Use this Shakespearean Insult Kit to create dozens of curses and use them with class! 


Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
artless base-court baggage
bawdy bat-fowling barnacle
bootless beetle-headed bladder
churlish boil-brained boar-pig
craven clay-headed bum-bailey
currish common-kissing canker-blossom
dissembling crooked clack-dish
errant dizzy-eyed coxcomb
fawning earth-vexing death-token
impertinent foolhardy dewberry
infectious guts-griping flap-dragon
jarring hasty-witted gudgeon
logger-headed ill-breeding haggard
paunchy knotty-pated harpy
puking onion-eyed horn-beast
rankling reeling lout
spleeny rough-hewn minnow
spongy rude-growing nut-hook
villainous tardy-gaited strumpet
wayward toad-spotted vassal
weedy weather-beaten wagtail


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(Shakespeare Insult Kit source:; image courtesy: Bitstrips; image copyright: Superscribe)

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