US President Ronald Reagan declared Ice Cream Day on July 15th, 1984. It was to be  celebrated in that year alone, but the ice-cream industry kept the tradition going. This unofficial holiday is now observed on the third Sunday of July every year. In 2017, it will fall on July 16th.

Celebrate this Ice cream Day with a big bowl of this delicious treat, and some new words in your ice-cream vocabulary!


1. Dondurma

Dondurma is a Turkish ice cream with an elastic consistency. Vendors put up quite a performance while preparing it for you! Dondurma is thick and chewy and doesn’t drip or melt easily, which means you can hold your cone upside down while you eat it!


2. Rolled ice cream

It is interesting to see how these little rolls of ice cream are made. A flavored milk-based concoction is poured on a cold metal pan. As it freezes, it is kneaded and mixed using little paddles, after which it is flattened and spread across the surface of the pan. Finally, it is rolled using a spatula before serving. Its unique presentation is made for photo apps like Instagram and Snapchat. This treat is commonly available on the streets of Thailand, and is now gaining popularity in India as well.


3. Spumoni

Spumoni is three layers of awesome! It is an Italian creation and absolutely delicious. This frozen dessert is a treat to your taste buds with a different flavor on every layer.


4. Granita

A gift from Sicily, granita can make anyone drool with its delightful flavors and striking colors. Made with sugar, water, and a variety of flavors ranging from fruits to herbs, it offers the perfect summer treat. It’s ice cream sans the cream.


5. Affogato

Another heavenly Italian treat to tempt you this Ice Cream Day is affogato. If you can’t live without coffee and love ice cream just as much, affogato is the perfect treat for you. It is essentially vanilla ice cream either topped with or dunked in rich coffee, like espresso. This dessert is the perfect way to round up an elegant three-course dinner.


6. Gelato

Gelato is the denser, more gooey version of ice cream. This Italian treat contains more milk than cream and is mixed slowly, which means lesser air is able to get in. Gelato has a more intense flavor as compared to regular ice cream. Since it also has lower fat content, it is a great alternative for the health-conscious.


7. Mochi

Japan gives you these bite-sized morsels of ice cream that you can pop when you’re craving something cool and creamy. A dish of mochi contains chunks of ice cream covered in sweet-rice dough. It is available in popular flavors like vanilla and strawberry as well as unusual ones like green tea and red bean.


Ice Cream Day is the perfect excuse to binge on some of these exotic ice-cream types. Indulge yourself and amaze your friends with your updated ice-cream vocabulary!

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