As a content marketer, generating leads is likely your number one objective. After all, it is prospects who turn into customers who turn into brand loyalists. So, for the express purpose of lead-generation, you get your team to create well-researched, high-quality, targeted content. Next, you count on sales to distribute this content and leverage it to connect with buyers. And you dream of the day where your brand and the client go riding off into the sunset, as happy as can be.


However, the sad truth is that a majority of the content created by marketers remains unused by their sales counterparts. Besides, like many other content marketers, you have probably lost count of the number of times sales representatives have asked your team for fresh content when you know that they could simply take their pick from your sizeable library of whitepapers, infographics, case studies, industry reports, support information…


Unfortunately, sales either does not know of the existence of this content or simply does not have the time to sift through the sheer volume.


Now that we are done with this reality check, let’s move on to the good news. In today’s post, we offer a few simple ways to synergize with the sales team and get it to use your carefully planned and packaged content. Here are 4 things content marketers must be able to tell their sales teams.


  1. Look, we have so much awesome content!

As mentioned above, the sales team often has no idea about the existence of the content you have so strategically created. If this is the case, it’s time for you to set up a meeting with top sales performers and communicate that you have this whole library of awesome content just waiting to be used to convert leads. This might also be a good time to ask for their inputs on how they would like to access this content. Together, work out a way to organize the content so that it is easy to find and access.


  1. We have what you need!

If the sales representatives are unable to understand the function of a particular piece of content, they will not use it. So, tag all your content with relevant keywords and accompany it with a short description explaining what it is, which challenges it addresses and when it can be used.


  1. … and it is easy to find!

If too much content is the challenge, work on breaking it up into categories by type, stage of sales cycle and topic. Members of the sales team should be able to filter and search to find exactly what they need at that specific time. Your system need not be very elaborate; start off with a sort-friendly shared spreadsheet as long as it works for both teams.


  1. Here’s something new!

Give periodic updates when you add content or resources useful to the sales team. When fresh, helpful content is readily available, sales will thank you and, more importantly, use it to achieve your common targets.


The fact of the matter is that as a content marketer, your job is not restricted to creating great content; it also involves getting it “out there”. Put the content literally at the fingertips of your sales team; enable it to sell faster and more efficiently. After all, both content marketing and sales is pursuing the common goals of enhancing brand awareness, increasing customer engagement and cinching buyer loyalty.


Superscribe can help you with your content strategy to ensure that well-researched, high-quality and customer-focused content is delivered to your leads right on time. Contact us today to enhance your brand communication.


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