Is your company’s blog facing neglect? Well, it’s time you brushed off the dust and focused on making it more active. In this post, we discuss 6 compelling reasons why you should pay attention to your business blog.


1. It drives traffic

Blogging has two benefits that lead to increased traffic on your website:

  1. It gives you a way to keep updating your website
  2. It increases the number of indexed pages

Blogs are the solution to keeping your site alive and buzzing with new content. Good-quality content, posted regularly, earns you views and shares on social media. Besides, every post adds to the Google-indexed pages on your website, which increases your chances of showing up on search engines. In turn, these drive traffic to your business blog.


2. It boosts search rankings

There’s nothing like new content to please the insatiable search-engine gods. Blogs offer the perfect platform for your brand to publish fresh, consumable, keyword-rich content. Well-written, optimized blog posts boost SEO by offering search engines new pages to index and creating opportunities for you to insert frequently searched keywords. This increases your site rankings, getting your brand the visibility that it deserves.


3. It reaches out to existing and potential customers

Well-written, useful blog posts aligned to your brand values help establish trust in the minds of your existing customers. Done right, blogging can also get you noticed on social media platforms, introducing your brand to an entirely new audience. You may also repurpose your blog posts for your e-mail newsletter, thus boosting brand recall.


4. It establishes you as an authority

Successful business blogs accurately answer questions their customers and leads have. Creating content that consistently satiates your audiences’ curiosity or keeps them abreast of the latest in your industry portrays you as an expert in your field and builds trust.


5. It offers long-term results

The best thing about blogging is that it doesn’t become useless after a certain period of time. A blog post can generate traffic and pull in leads for weeks, months, and, sometimes, even years after it has been posted.


6. It humanizes your brand

People tend to trust other people more than companies. In fact, customers often perceive businesses to be impersonal profit-chasers. Your blog can help humanise your brand, by giving it a distinctive “voice”. Craft your blog posts carefully so that they showcase your brand values and add a personal touch to your marketing. Touch upon topical issues that address your readers’ concerns. Use your blog to establish a connection with your customers to build trust and increase your brand’s goodwill.


Blogging is one of the primary driving factors leading to increased search visibility, leads, sales, and loyalty. It is, thus, essential that your company’s blog is kept alive and active with engaging content at all times.


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