To put it bluntly: plagiarism is fraud.


It is the act of copying others’ content and portraying it as one’s own. It is literary theft, and like all other kinds of theft, it is wrong, deceitful and often harmful. Yes, it is harmful to the original writer, who would like to reserve the rights to his distinctive ideas. It is also harmful for the client, who stands to lose his credibility and reputation – and, perhaps, also face an intellectual property rights lawsuit. Since it is a violation of copyright laws, the one responsible for the plagiarized content could be criminally prosecuted or lose his job and industry goodwill.


Plagiarism can sneak into your content in disguise. Its most common forms include:

  • Duplicating another’s content verbatim
  • Duplicating large portions of another’s content
  • Using synonyms but leaving the essence of the content as is
  • Blending portions of content from several sources to create a “new” article


Fortunately, Superscribe maintains a very strict stand against plagiarism. We help you create original, informative, interesting and share-worthy content.

The Superscribe team ensures originality by:

  • Brainstorming and coming up with original ideas
  • Using original language
  • Citing sources, where necessary
  • Matching projects with domain experts
  • Frequently interacting with the client to understand the USPs of his product or service
  • Using Copyscape, world’s most trusted plagiarism checker


When you choose Superscribe as your content partner, you are assured of getting content that is home-baked, non-mass-produced and fresh!  Get great content for your business with our no-plagiarism guarantee; get in touch with us today!

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