Click here to watch the video on Youtube. is one of India’s leading travel booking websites. The business strongly believes in doing away with banners, pop-ups, distracting glitz and other annoying fluff and maintaining single-minded focus on its core competency – making travel simple. To this end, it invites quality content that helps its users simply search, book and go.

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To provide Cleartrip’s visitors comprehensive information so that they may efficiently make their travel booking.


Superscribe created original, well-researched content covering various travel verticals, including airlines, trains, buses, packages, etc. for Cleartrip.


Our process of content creation began with brainstorming on two main questions:

  • What do travelers really want to know?
  • How do we present it to them without creating an information overload?

To answer these questions, we conducted extensive research and invited inputs from domain experts and passionate travelers. These were brought together in a cohesive manner by experienced writers. The focus was on aligning with Cleartrip’s strategy of making travel simple, so the content was clear, concise and, most importantly, useful for the target audience. Each redundant word was deleted and references were added where needed.


The informative, well-researched and structured content created by Superscribe helped Cleartrip’s visitors make informed decisions and choose Cleartrip as their preferred travel partner.


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