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Flora2000 is a premium flower delivery service. Its business spans 3,000 products in over 180 countries across the world. It selects the finest flowers from select regions and growers to creates designer floral compositions. Elegant packaging and personalized service come together to create a truly luxurious product.


Objective: To create product copy for Flora2000’s online store.


Solution: Superscribe created unique, descriptive copy for signature products featured on Flora2000’s website. The copy included technical aspects and an attractive description perfectly targeted to the audience and apt for the publishing medium.


Process: The Superscribe team collaborated with the client to create a spreadsheet containing a rough image and basic details about each product. Next, we sought an overview of the product and the market. Finally, we created copy that addressed the discerning taste and social status of the client’s elite, global target audience. The copy for each product comprised details regarding:

  • Type of flowers used
  • Significance of the floral arrangement
  • Occasion on which to gift or showcase the particular arrangement
  • Call to purchase

Our writing team included a domain expert, who had worked in the Marketing team for a similar e-commerce platform in the flower delivery industry. The copy was brief yet enticing, keeping the audience engaged.



Flora2000 emot


Superscribe’s product copy helped Flora2000 competently describe its products to potential customers and            generate more business on an international scale. Our team earned accolades for employing polished, interesting  language, thus helping Flora2000 maintain its positioning as a premium vendor.

Superscribe can create great content for your small business, too. Write to us at or call us on +91 (22) 28722266 to learn more.


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