Know London is a complete guide to life in London, providing valuable information on food, travel, money management, culture and events. Founded by Tarana Shah, who was once a student in London herself, the site provides tips and guidance that she would like to share with other students. Her aim is for young students to make the best of the vibrancy and diversity that London has to offer.


Objective: To provide useful information about London to new students in the city.


Solution and Result: Superscribe wrote a series of articles covering various aspects useful to an overseas student visiting London for the very first time. In Ms. Shah’s own words, “There is a lot of clarity in the content written by Superscribe. The articles that I needed written by them were based on fairly important topics that had to be simplified for students moving to London on their own for the first time. They were so on-point that it was incredibly easy for the students that read the articles to navigate from then onwards. They wrote articles on topics like apartment-hunting, household bills and the banking system of London. These are topics that no 18-year-old is used to taking care of on his/her own, but these articles made that possible.”


Appreciation from Tarana Shah, Founder, Know London: 

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