is the most visited India-oriented online service worldwide. It provides original and third-party-branded content through interest-specific channels, extensive Web-based community features and the largest e-commerce platform in India. It is considered the online network of choice for Indian Internet users as well as a highly desirable advertising and e-commerce platform.


Objective: To provide insights into Rediff’s enterprise e-mail solution to its customers.  


Solution: Superscribe created blog posts on various facets of e-mail hosting services. The subject was well-researched and targeted to Rediff’s customer profile.


Process: E-mail hosting is a service provided by numerous players in the online space. The challenge was to help customers understand how Rediff provided superior services and useful alternatives. Superscribe conducted Web research and competitor analysis to understand Rediff’s distinctive service offering. Despite the technical nature of the subject matter, the content was presented in language that would be easy for even a layperson to comprehend.


Result: This simple yet comprehensive content attracted traffic in the form of genuinely interested prospects and helped Rediff get heard over the noise.


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