You are likely familiar with Socrates’ famed Triple Filter Test. Well, since words from the wise are universally, eternally applicable, let’s see the role they play in the field of content creation.

This little post addresses content writers, but we recommend their clients to read through it also to check if what they are getting is the best value for their dollar.


triple filter test for content

Filter 1: Is it true?

Is your content based in reality or figments of your imagination?

In this increasingly transparent world, customers are not going to buy into hollow services and meaningless adjectives.  So, when you say something as general as India showing promise in the real estate industry; or quote a statistic about 9 out of 10 doctors recommending XYZ toothpaste, ensure that you have proof to back it up. What you write must be firmly built on research. Cite authentic sources and see how quickly your content builds credibility.


Filter 2: Is it good?

A catchy headline and intriguing hook may grab reader attention. But what will retain it is the quality of the remaining content. Check:

  • Does your content follow a logical flow?
  • Does it give a compelling reason for the reader to read?
  • Is it free of grammatical errors, redundancy and unnecessary jargon?
  • Does it reflect a fresh, original idea?
  • Is it targeted to the correct audience?
  • Is it relevant to the medium on which it is published?

This is an excerpt from Superscribe’s checklist before submitting an article to a client. You could make your own. But let your article not get lost in the clutter; let it stand out as a shining example of innovation and quality. Don’t leave your reader with a bad taste in the mouth or with a feeling that he has wasted precious minutes without gaining anything in return. Instead, leave him with a desire to share your work.


Filter 3: Is it useful?

Write about how the product will be useful for the customer. However bigger, better, newer, flashier, snazzier it is, if he cannot use it, he really doesn’t care about it. If you show him the need gap it fulfills, and how he can benefit from its use, you have a winning piece of content.


Put your content through these filters to get fresh and perfectly brewed content that is a delight to read and share!


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